Real World Design Course

UI/UX Fundamentals

We don't just show you the design principles from textbook. Instead, we use real world examples to introduce you to the UI/UX world.


The Beginning

- What is UI? UX?
- What skills are required for being an UI/UX Designer?
- What are the PROS and CONS for being an UI/UX Designer?
- UI/UX Designer in Japan(Asia)? the US? and the world?


The Fundamentals

Design Fundamentals
- White Space, Contrast, Alignment, Colors, Visual Hierarchy, Accessibility.
UI Fundamentals
- Low-Fidelity wireframe, High-Fidelity wireframe, Prototyping.
UX Fundamentals
- Business & Users Goals / KPIs, User-Persona, User-Journey, User-Flow, UX Research (Surveys, Analytics, Testing).


The Next Level

UI Component Design
- What is a component, Examples (Buttons, Alerts, Cards, Forms, etc), Best Practices.
UI Layout Design
- Desktop VS Mobile, Mobile First, RWD, Common components (Stepper, Dialog, Fixed Bar, etc).
Design Challenges
- [UI] Putting it all together, [UX] User interview exercise.


The God Level

- What makes a god level designer?
- Illustrations in UI
- Animation in UI
- Micro-Interactions in UI
- Dark & Light Mode in UI
- Psychology in UX
- Dark Patterns in UX
- User-Interview / Workshop in UX
- Design Systems / Design Patterns
- Design Handoff - The art of working with Developers
- How to “Sell” UIUX
- Design Maturity (Culture, Process, & Product)

Are you Ready?


  • Any design tool such as Figma, or AdobeXD (For learning CSS, please download English version if possible).

  • No previous design experience is needed.

  • No Previous design tool skill is needed.

  • No coding experience is needed.

  • The WILL to learn. Strong & Fast.

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